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Expert Mediation and Arbitration Services for Insurance Coverage and Disputes.

Expert Mediation and Arbitration Services for Personal Injury Cases.

Expert Mediation and Arbitration for Real Estate Disputes.

Aaron S. Kling, ESQ.

Mediator and Arbitrator

Aaron S. Kling, Esquire litigated thousands of cases involving insurance claims and other matters from claim inception through appeal. In doing so, he has gained insight and experience in settling claims, regardless of their complexity. Mr. Kling will employ these insights and experiences, along with techniques he has developed over the years of his practice to aid in the resolution of your case.

Mr. Kling is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator, and Member of the Florida Bar.

Mr. Kling offers mediations and arbitrations via Zoom Video Conferencing. He can also arrange for in-person mediations with advanced notice.